Institute faculty Policy

1. The Teacher agrees to work for Scholars Hub for the number of days in the official School calendar and to perform other duties assigned by the administrator; and to work co-operatively with the staff, students and administration of the institute.
2. Scholars hub employs the teacher as an employ of the institute. Wages will be paid on 10th of every month through cheque.
3. Teachers must carry their identity card while present at the institute and shall produce it on demand by the authorities.
4. Mobile phones should be switched off during class and put on silent mode in the institute premises.
5. Teacher should arrive in the class 5 minutes before the class.
6. The teacher shall devote a reasonable amount of time to lectures, notes and assignments for the class.
7. Tests taken should be checked within 2 days and handed to the students.
8. All the study material, notes, assignments, planning and original ideas stay with Scholars Hub.
9. Teacher shall inform atleast 2 days before if he/she cannot come and take the class.
10. It is further mutually agreed that Scholars Hub shall offer the TEACHER a new contract of Employment for the ensuing year on or before April, 2019, unless Scholars Hub Gives the TEACHER verbal and written notice of their intention not to re-employ the TEACHER on or Before Term.
11. If the teacher stops coming and leave the institute in between the session, legal action will then be taken.
12. The TEACHER may be suspended or discharged for good cause as shall be determined in the Exclusive discretion of Scholars Hub. It is specifically understood that good cause for discharge shall include but not be limited to: inadequacy of teaching, misconduct, and neglect of duty of care, physical or mental incapacity, and violation of the terms of this agreement or Scholars Hub’s policy, or any conduct not in keeping with the Institute guidelines. Conduct tending to reflect discredit upon the institute or tending to impair the TEACHER’S usefulness in his or her capacity as a teacher.
13. In the event the teacher employed by Scholars Hub leaves and opens own Institute clause 11 comes into place with a 10 km non-teaching radius. If the teacher then proceeds to ring or coerce students legal action will then be taken.
14. It is agreed that the conditions of this contract shall only be changed by mutual written agreement of the TEACHER and the Institute. This is the sole agreement between the parties and no other representations, be it oral or written, are binding between the parties.

Home Tutor Policy

1. There are no registration charges
2. All payments will be collected through Scholars Home Tuitions.
3. Scholars home tuitions will charge 40% of the fees of first month and 10% of the fees of every month after the pending session.
4. I ensure that I continue teaching the student that month or which I have taken fees.
5. I ensure that all registration details provided are accurate.
6. I hereby accept terms and conditions.