Welcome to Scholars Hub. Our institute is one of the well known educational groups in Chandigarh serving as a centre for coaching to students at secondary (7th,8th ,9th, 10th ) and senior secondary(11th ,12th ) level. Years of experience and excellent results have given us a vision to become pioneers in the success of students aspiring for medical, non medical, and commerce streams. We are highly focused on concept building, strengthening the basics, needed as per the requirement of the latest paper pattern prescribed by different Boards and Competition teams. Personality development and ameliorating communication skills are also the areas where we focus on. It has been institution’s consistent endeavor to provide quality education to the students and to enrich them with the knowledge and understanding of the competition waiting for them in the outside world. The teaching faculty has been drawn from highly qualified and experienced teachers of the reputed Universities and Institutes. We are fortunate to have such dedicated, committed and competent staff Under the guidance and effective leadership of our director Mr. Atul Bhatiya along with the expert faculty, we aim to build a complete environment and curriculum for students to help them realize their dreams and become a guiding light in their path to success.

Our Philosophy

Experienced Faculty

The quality of the academic staff is decisive for the quality of an institute. At Scholars Hub, the members of the academic staff come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience in the field of education that have shaped many minds.

Motivational Sessions

With regular motivational sessions, we encourage students to take responsibility for their own futures. We help the students to identify their own ambitions and to set target-centered thinking patterns.

Focus on Concept Building

We target on all the important questions of studying a concept: “what it is” , “why is it so” ,” how it is this”, “where it can be applied” etc. these answers is what all it takes to clear the doubts of the students and make it understandable.

Strengthening the basics

Our primary objective is to help strengthen the basics of our student and make it understandable in the easiest fashion.

Personalized Counselling

Not only do we conduct regular motivational sessions but also do it at the personal level. Our objective is to build the overall personality of our students and that only comes when we aspire to connect with them.

Excellent Results

Our experienced set of teachers along with the healthy study environment has led us to proudly say that our results have been excellent and we strive to aspire for more.

Regular Parent Teacher meetings

Parent- Teacher meetings are held on a regular basis so that the parents are well aware of the performance of their ward

Twice Revision of Course

We understand how important it is for the students to revise what have been done in the institute and therefore strive to achieve excellency by going through the course twice in a session

Meet our team

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